Make the reservation using your Groupon Voucher

A. Groupon Offer for the use of a Sedan (max 3 people) to/from ORD, max 25 miles radius!

B. Groupon Offer $50 for $100 of Charter Service (minimum 2 hours service, no extra fees, subject to availability, please call in advance) !


Don't forget to bring your Groupon Voucher with you and give to the driver the Redemption Code!

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If you have any questions feel free to

call us (847)266-9011 (between 9am-9pm)


email us at (anytime)


** $75 Groupon Voucher goes towards a sedan executive private car (max 3 people; max 25 miles from ORD)

** Plase pay to the driver in cash:

  • GRAUITY (20% recommended = $15)
  • GAS SURCHARGE of $5 for each trip
  • AIRPORT TAX AND TOLLS $3 for each trip

** Holiday Rates and Special Events +$20.00 over regular rate:

New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day And Christmas Day.

** NIGHT OWL CHARGES: 11pm - 5am +$20, paid to the driver 

** Waiting time is $1 per 1 minute, paid to the driver

** IF CASH PORTION IS PAID BY CREDIT CARD THERE WILL A 5% credit card processing fee


** CHARTER  starts and ends at ORD, Calculate approximate time of use using GOOGLE MAP!

** If you have any questions, call before booking vehicle!


** For reservations please allow minimum 24 hours advance notice (48 hours for CHARTERS), vehicle availability is on a first come, first serve basis and quantities are limited!

** Cancelations must be made minimum 4 hours before pick-up (for trips to/from ORD); 24 hours (for CHARTERS), otherwise customer is responsible for payment of full price!

We accept 


Transfer Policies

  • AS OF 10.01.2017 a $20 charge named STC (standard transport charge) will appear on all trips. This charge will cover the credit card fee, the airport taxes and tolls fee.
  • Waiting Time – We will begin adding $1(sedan)$1.5(SUV) for every additional one minute (starting with the scheduled pick-up time) until all the passengers are loaded and the vehicle is on its way to the destination. As a courtesy the first 20 minutes fee will be waived off !!!
  • Traveling within the City of Chicago – When a customer would like transportation services that start at any location in the City of Chicago and end at any location in the City of Chicago, it is considered a city trip. The City of Chicago regulates the drivers and vehicles allowed to conduct these city trips. Customers must advise us when their reservation will include a city trip so that we can ensure a vehicle and driver licensed by the City of Chicago.
  • Cancellations/Changes – At LimoAngel, we strive to always provide dependable service that is on time or early to a prearranged trip. In order to best manage our fleet and drivers, we ask that our customers provide a reasonable amount of notice prior to canceling a trip. Reservations that are not cancelled/changed within the time specified below will be charged the full fare.
    • Non-Airport Trips and charters – Reservations that do not start or end at an airport must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up date and time.
    • Large Vehicle – Reservations for vehicles that have seating capacity of more than 10 passengers must be cancelled a minimum of 7 days prior to the scheduled pick up date.
    • Sedan and SUVs Vehicle – Local (Chicago Area) Reservations for these vehicles must be cancelled a minimum of 2(two) hours prior to the scheduled pick up time.
    • Special Events – Reservations for weddings, proms, concerts, funerals or hourly trips must be cancelled a minimum of 7 days prior to the scheduled pick up date.
  • No Show – Reservations where our driver was on location on time per the reservation and waiting for the passenger(s) at least 20 minutes will be charged the full fare.
  • Large/Premium Vehicle – A non-refundable deposit of 50% may be requested for any vehicle that has a seating capacity more than 10 passengers or is not a Lincoln Town Car.
  • Alcohol is permitted only in stretch limousines – Persons of legal drinking age are permitted to bring their own alcoholic beverage(s). If there are any passengers under the age of 21 in our vehicle, no alcohol will be permitted in the vehicle.
  • Venues Designated Pick-Up Areas – Venues holding special events such as concerts or sports events have designated pick up locations where limousines must wait and load passengers.
  • Passenger Property – Customers should check the vehicle, including behind the seats and floors, for any belongings before exiting the vehicle. Unless the trip is reserved at an hourly rate (charter), the customer must not leave any personal belongings in the vehicle. We are not responsible for any items left behind or damaged luggage. Any items found or left behind will be returned to the main office for pick up by the customer (verification may be required). If lost and found items are not retrieved by their rightful owner within 90 days, they will be disposed of.
  • Trip Route – In order to maintain efficiency, drivers are instructed to take toll roads whenever possible. If a passenger advises a preferred route, the driver may choose to comply with the request.
  • Right to Refuse Service – Transport of passenger(s) may be refused and/or passenger(s) may be removed from vehicle for any reason(s) including but not limited to compliance with government regulations and conduct.
  • Service Failure – LimoAngel will under no circumstances be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from travel due to circumstances beyond our control such as mechanical failure, weather, road conditions, and emergency events. We reserve the right to, without notice, terminate, divert, postpone, delay or choose to cancel any trip without liability.
  • Large Items – It is the customer's responsibility at the time of placing a reservation to advice of any large items such as a wheelchair, luggage, golf or skiing equipment. Given enough notice and at an additional cost, the appropriate vehicle(s) to accomplish transport of passengers and luggage can be arranged.
  • Charters – A charter is the rental of the vehicle with the services of the professional chauffeur for a specific amount of time. All non-local charters will incur a specific flat fee. A non-local charter is considered if the pick-up or drop-off location is >40 miles or > one hour away from ORD.