Sebastian's IRONMAN Quest
One life Racing for L.I.F.E

Why would anyone want to do an IRONMAN Race?

Hello friends,

My name is Sebastian Dragan-Dima and I'm the president of Limo Angel.

One of my long life dreams is to be able to participate and finish in The IRONMAN Race in Hawaii!!!


The main reason that pushes me forward is: the training leading up to the event would put me through a tough mental and physical challenge and would give me the opportunity to reflect upon my life and really make me a better person.

I started this journey January 1st 2010; So far, it led me to finish two Olympic Triathlons:

My first triathlon at Bangs Lake, Wauconda IL on 8.8.2010 - for myself:

The Chicago International Triathlon on 8.29.10 - dedicated to my daughter Raluca:


 The Disney Half  IRONMAN in Orlando FL on 5.15.2011; dedicated to my mother Angela. 

That brings me to the other reason for doing this; it is to be able to honor my mother's life and total dedication to my happiness and well-being. Since she passed away, of cancer, just over 20 years ago, I felt that it's only natural I would dedicate this Half Iron Man to her!


I still need to make a few more steps to achieve my goal.

So, next is the 2012 Chicago Marathon on October 7th 2012!



I'm raising money for a charity named L.I.F.E.

What does L.I.F.E. stand for?


Who is Eric?